Partıcıpatory Sectors

Agreement 2017                      Participant Brochure                   2017 Fair Plan




Dairy and Breeding Husbandry

Animal shelter systems,

Processing and marketing,

Poultry and technologies,

Feed ingredients and feed additives producers,

Cattle, sheep and goats trade,

Livestock finance, insurance and consulting companies,

fodder plants, sowing, harvesting, feed preparation tools and equipment,

Animal feeding and watering systems,

Liquid and solid waste machines,

Fishing, beekeeping, horses and pets,

Equipment accessories and spare parts,

Trailers and apparatus for handling and shipping,

Environmental control equipment and technologies,

Animal health and sperma,

Milk production with storage transportation and processing technologies

Solar energy, wind and alternative energy systems


Organic agricultural products

Breeding and fattening


Veterinary medicine, aquaculture resources

A few good reasons for your participation

Opportunity to meet with overseas decision maker investors from abroad,

The opportunity to share your products and innovations with industry experts,


                It has been agreed that EuroTier Livestock Fair to which companies over 2000 from many countries of the world participate and which is organized in double-digit years in Hannover in Germany, will be conducted in single-digit years in Turkey. While the realization of the largest livestock fair of Turkey and Region is targeted; fair infrastructure, transport infrastructure, geographical location, where international fair can be organized and recognition criteria in the world have demonstrated the necessity of this exhibition to be held in Antalya.

Alternative Energy

Solar Energy

Wind Turbines

Biogas Plants

Biodiesel Plants

Effective use of scarce resources in the economy is the most basic element. Today energy costs constitute the most loaded costs of the enterprises. When we combined two main ideas, alternative energy production and use spreading around the world and seen by us newly in Turkey have importance recently. Investments are increasing day by day for solar energy systems, wind turbines, biogas and biodiesel plants in order to meet energy needs of both non-agricultural and also agricultural. Thus opportunity to access any information and sector components related to the alternative energy in such a process is at your service.


12th Internatıonal Conference on Goats

Anımall Antalya 5th Internatıonal Lıvestock and Daıry Industry Faır Presentatıon Our stand

About Us

                It is known by everyone that agriculture and livestock industry has become so prominent when Turkey's geographical location, structure and climate are taken into consideration. Our country, which is in a location linking Asian and Europe, is also a rare investment country for opening to foreign countries and for foreign investors.

                Although there are many organizations on behalf of fair in our country, the lack of an international fair related to Livestock and Dairy Industry Fair is also felt. We have set out to carry out a fair similar to Euro Tier Fair, which is organized by DLG in Hanover in Germany every two year, in Turkey;

Sectoral Cooperation;

                The Livestock and Dairy Fair, which will be held in a closed area, now will be held in Antalya Anfaş Fair in every two years as from 2015 after a practical agriculture fair gained by DLG Fairs to Turkish Agriculture Industry. In such an organization, we combine our forces with Expolink Fairs which has a broad experience and knowledge in this issue and has organized The Livestock and Dairy Fair in Burdur for three years.

                Antalya is highly attractive city thanks to both its proximity to regions where the livestock is performed and its easy transportation opportunities to tourism regions. It locates in a very suitable place for domestic and foreign visitors in terms of accommodation and transportation.




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